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I'm a post-doc researcher in heterogeneous catalysis in the Catalan Institute for Chemical Research (Tarragona, Spain).

On this website, I put some information about my research experience, my teaching experience as well as my education and skills.

I would like to write here an unofficial guide to use , powerful tool which unfortunately lacks documentation.

A wonderful chemistry and history book was written by Primo Levi called "The Periodic Table". In this book, the author, survivor of the Holocaust, classified his experiences as a chemist and in the rest of his life in chapters named after an element. The table of content of this book can therefore simply given as a periodic table: The periodic system
To give a quick overview of my previous and actual research interests, as a chemist, I find it interesting to use the same system. Maƫlle Salmon, my wife, who is very skilled with the statistical and visualization language "R", did a nice visualization of tiny stories about my interactions as a chemist with these elements. I used some of them "in real life" as an experimental chemist, but I have interacted with others only through a computer as a theoretician. Some are only part of stories I told in the guided tour I gave about the life of Marie Curie. The colors depend on the places where I used them.